Viscus rental: $50 per month


 What is Viscus? 

Viscus is a therapeutic exercise device professionally designed for people who require consistent joint movement at home, where they can regularly take advantage of its benefits in comfort. 

Viscus is also widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. 

Accredited Physiotherapist André Riopel, BSc PT, Dip. MT FCAMPT, designed Viscus to be user-friendly for a variety of conditions

The name Viscus, Latin for “an organ of the body”, reflects how its ease of use makes the device feel like an extension of our own bodies. 

Viscus utilizes the kinetic energy of a rapidly turning flywheel to maintain gentle circular leg motion, requiring minimal effort for maximum results. It is ideal for individuals who are limited by injury or illness or are unable to walk unaided. 

The compact apparatus is designed for use at a favourite chair, couch, or even bed, which facilitates scheduled or spontaneous exercise at practically any time of the day. Effective utilization is possible in concert with pastimes typically enjoyed while seated, such as TV or computer.